The Temple’s New Logo: A little history

The Temple’s New Logo: A little history

ohavshalom_logoThe Temple Ohav Shalom Marketing Committee, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, was extremely proud to present our new Temple identity and logo last night at our annual Chanukah dinner. Arnie Begler presented the results of almost two years of research and planning, as well as months of design review, to reach where we are today.

The effort began in 2012, with the organization of focus groups gathered to better understand the meaningfulness behind our Temple community. Over the next year we revised our Temple mission and vision statements, and presented a marketing plan to the board in the beginning of 2014. As part of this effort we agreed that the new Identity/logo templates must support the TOS Mission; Temple Ohav Shalom is a vibrant and inclusive Reform Jewish community that provides religious, spiritual, educational and social enrichment for the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh.

Over this past year we interviewed three designers and selected Paul Fireman, of Fireman Creative, to design our new logo. Paul’s organization has a strong relationship with the Jewish community of Pittsburgh, as well as with other Jewish organizations nationwide. A small team of Temple Marketing Committee members sat with Paul to review almost a dozen different design concepts, eventually settling on four, then on the one that, with a bit of refinement, became our new logo.

The new logo provides quite a bit of flexibility for us. It has a modern feel while still valuing tradition. Note how the shin in Shalom represents not only candlesticks but the outstretched arms of a welcoming Temple member. Along with looking great on the web, printed materials, and T-shirts, it’s flexible in that we can customize the logo for different committees or organizations within the Temple. for example, the TOS Center for Early Learning will have it’s own design, as will groups such as WOS and Men’s Club.

As we continue to roll out our new identity, you will see numerous changes. Member Wendy Levine has taken the lead designing a new Website template that both incorporates the new logo AND provides a long-needed complete overhaul of the site. We are also in the midst of implementing an online member management system that will tie both to our back office and to the website, and we are also working on a new letterhead, business cards for the staff, and standards for using the logo in regular publications.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

Warmest regards and a Happy Chanukah!

The TOS Marketing Committee
Arnie Begler, Mike Daninhirsch, Barry Shepard, Wendy Levine, Deb Galson, Andrea Jacobs, Ian Halper, Debbie Weis, Jackie Leicht