Help keep TOS Beautiful!

Help keep TOS Beautiful!

We need volunteers to help maintain our building and property. The Temple is our place of worship, learning, and community. We need volunteers to show it the love and care that it deserves.

Lawn Mowing:

We have an imminent need for volunteers to mow the lawn. A very nice lawn mower is available. All we need are a few people to start it up and push it around the yard on a lazy afternoon. Tired of watching your teenagers play video games? Send ‘m over to the Temple. Contact Jackie Leicht ( to schedule.


Attention all you gardeners out there! We love seeing beautiful flowers and plants in our front beds and in the playground area when walking in for services or hanging out in the back yard. What a wonderful feeling it instills in our visitors, members, preschool families, and guests. The beds could use some attention. Please lend us your talents by helping us out with weeding, mulching, and planting flowers.