Where in the Burg?

Sometimes when I write this blog, “where in the ‘Burg”, I feel like Where’s Waldo. Can you find the Rabbi? Don’t worry, I want to say, I’m here! More than anything else, I want each of you to know that you can always find me if you need me – if for some reason I am not at the synagogue, be it a conference, a meeting or other, just call or email – and, as soon as I can, I will be there. As I shared when I interviewed, and in my first few months here, my number one priority for TOS is you – each and every one of you in our sacred community.

I offer this column monthly to also reassure you that I am sharing the good word of TOS and continuing to bridge the “gap” between the far outpost of the North Hills with the city of Pittsburgh! I met with Federation to prepare for my TED Talk at the Annual Federation meeting next week – August 30th. It will be on Facebook live if you can’t come! I’ve also had the chance to meet with the Chronicle along with our Director of Ruach, Sara Stock Mayo, – and I think we’ve convinced them to begin a series about Jewish Life in the North Hills!

As we circle back to the beginning, to the Days of Awe, this particular blog may “shrink” as we enter this sacred season, and the beginning of our Religious School year. Don’t worry, “Where’s (waldo) the Rabbi” will be back in action come October.

To a good and fulfilling week,

Rabbi Weisblatt